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Our Practice & Mission


Our mission is to help you or your child feel better and lead a happier and more productive life through proven, practical and powerful CBT therapy. To accelerate progress, we strive to create the best patient experience possible in an environment that is focused exclusively on you. After a thorough evaluation you will develop new coping skills and strategies to address the challenges that brought you into treatment.

In collaboration with parents, children and adolescents are provided with treatment that improves their behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal problems, and parents are taught strategies on how best to support their struggling child. You will receive the highest-quality, most sophisticated psychological treatment based on the latest academic research findings.

Experience & Compassion

With over 100 years of collective experience, our therapists understand what it takes to deliver outstanding cognitive behavioral therapy. We have the creativity and flexibility to tailor treatment specifically to your circumstances. Anxiety and Depression Center clinicians have all completed extensive training, and also have the personal qualities that make therapy more successful: genuine warmth, empathy, and deep compassion.

Within the safety of a nurturing relationship we utilize proven protocols and apply those protocols with sensitivity and kindness. By combining experience and compassion, we collaboratively and creatively help you to successfully achieve your treatment goals.

Focus on Your Improvement

Every member of our staff is dedicated to making you feel valued and respected. We understand the pain and anguish of emotional problems. We take great pride in watching patients improve and utilize a unique process of symptom tracking so that both patient and therapist can monitor progress. You will learn new tools and strategies to overcome anxiety, depression and behavioral problems and develop a sense of confidence, resilience and purpose that can be used throughout your lifetime.

Specializing in CBT

The Anxiety & Depression Center specializes in providing compassionate, individualized, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) for adults, adolescents and children with mood, behavioral and relationship problems. CBT is an active, structured, direct form of psychological treatment that has been shown to be highly effective with a variety of psychological problems.

In the context of a warm, collaborative and trusting therapy relationship, CBT helps you develop new, practical, proven skills and strategies that can help you feel better and make meaningful changes in your life. CBT is the most studied form of psychotherapy and research has shown that the treatment often produces lasting results in a limited period of time.