Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Anxiety and Depression Center specializes in providing individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). A comprehensive assessment will be completed in the first session or two. This will help us understand you. Based on this assessment we collaboratively develop a treatment plan designed to reach the therapy goals that you establish. Progress towards your therapy goals is regularly monitored in the context of a warm and trusting therapy relationship.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an active, structured form of psychological treatment designed to help you feel better and lead a more meaningful life. Part of the treatment involves helping you learn to identify, evaluate and alter the thinking and behavior that accompanies your emotional distress. In addition to altering thoughts and behavior, many people learn to view their thoughts and behavior in a different way which enables them to feel better and more in control of their lives. There is some evidence that suggests that patients who develop new ways of thinking get better from psychological difficulties. There is research evidence which suggests that CBT develops psychological skills which helps people get better and stay better, and have a lower chance of relapse.

We understand that the decision to enter psychotherapy is a not an easy one. CBT is done in the context of a therapy relationship. This relationship is a special bond that develops between two people working collaboratively on identified personal goals. After the first session or two you should have a sense that you are in the right place, have a sense of hope that you can get better and have a sense of trust and confidence in your therapist.

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