Psycho-Educational Assessment

A psycho-educational evaluation is designed to assess and quantify emotional, social, behavioral and cognitive (attention, memory, perception) factors that may interfere with a child’s educational achievement. The evaluation measures a child’s potential and any discrepancies between their potential and actual achievement. The results of these evaluations may be used by the school district to determine necessary services for your child to fully benefit from their education. The results from this assessment may be utilized by your school for the development of an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

The first step in the evaluation is a personal interview with the parents followed by an interview with the student. At these meetings we review historical information, current strengths and areas of concern. Between session work such as behavior rating scales will be assigned and completed before the second session by the student, parents and teachers. Subsequent sessions involve direct testing of your child for one to two hours at a time. Two or three of these sessions may be needed to complete the process. After the testing is complete the tests will be scored and a written report will be prepared. The final step in this process is to review the results and recommendations with the parents/guardian and to provide you with the written report. Some parents present the report to their child’s school and use it as the basis to request appropriate services. The report may also be used for entrance into special education programs at private schools. Sometimes, attorneys, advocates and/or parents request attendance at an IEP meeting and this can be arranged above and beyond the services described above.

Dr. Passaro and Dr. Morgan provide independent psycho – educational evaluations at the request of special education attorneys, special education advocates and school districts.

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